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In the month of June, freight forwarders from all over the world will assemble in Paris in order to sign a best-practice charter. This charter will require freight forwarders to use environmentally friendly logistics practices. The development of a brand new freight forwarding program in Paris has been going on for the better part of the past five years, and this is one of the components that make up that program. The city has established for itself the goal of upgrading its logistics services and migrating to ways of moving items that are less detrimental to the environment in order to meet this purpose.

The long-term purpose of the program is to satisfy the goals of the freight forwarding business while simultaneously lowering the negative effect that freight forwarding has on the environment in its immediate vicinity.

The volume of pollution generated as a consequence of shipping logistics served as the push for the development of this program in the first place. Through freight forwarding, it is feasible to trace back more than 25 percent of all carbon dioxide equivalents that are released into the environment.

As a consequence of the plan, starting at the beginning of the year after its implementation, the operation of big autos that contribute significantly to air pollution will be restricted to certain times of the day only. It is expected that over the next three years, delivery trucks that run at night will be obliged to have engines that produce less noise, and it is possible that some vehicles may be completely banned.

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